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To be honest, I thought that this would really effect legibility. However, after wearing a few of these I found that legibility is more or less retained in a surprisingly good way even though you get less of the hands to see. The broad tips no doubt are in part to thank for that. The Ka La Classic models have lume on the hands as well as the hour markers.

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Slits in the side of the 47mm wide 18k white gold case allow for sound to escape from inside the movement where the piston-style whistle emits the sounds of the bird song. This prototype version of The Charming Bird has some work to be done, including improvement and finishing of the movement, a more robust sound for the song, and adding proper crowns to the case (a tool will not be needed for winding the automaton mechanism on the final product).

Cyrus, a boutique high-end Swiss watch brand will soon unveil their new Kambys watch at Baselworld 2013 with a movement designed by the very well regarded Mr. Jean-Francois Mojon. Using a curved case typical to the brand, the 50mm wide watch contains an impressively designed movement produced (according to the brand) 100% in-house (rubies and all).

The limited edition watch's back plate is engraved with the 30th Anniversary logo designed by Brooklyn based graphic artist Eric Haze. The commemorative spirit is further enforced by the words "Since 1983" emblazoned on the strap keeper, an aluminum medallion and the custom packaging which features the same color scheme of the watch itself.

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Technically the bezels on most "same" model Rolex watches are interchangeable. That means if you have two otherwise similar Submariner or GMT-Master models (same case styles) but with different color bezels the parts should be able to be swapped out. We can't say this with certainty for every single Rolex model, but for the most part the components should be able to work with one another.

Nothing good can come of it.

The problem is that existing devices which connect to the iPhone are problematic and finicky. Take for example Bluetooth headsets and other devices that don't connect as reliably as we might like. When taken out of range, or if the situation is not perfect, everything seems to get screwed up. The core pairing concept of Bluetooth is good, but can be improved. Apple is in a perfect position to create a seamless and reliable connection between an iWatch and the iPhone because it controls the systems of both. It does not need to worry about compatibility with other devices (at least for now), because in the closed Apple operating system environment they can control most every variable. This means that Apple is in the unique position of being able to create a solid and reliable connection system between the iWatch and the iPhone, iPad, or other Apple devices and computers.

The crystal is domed sapphire, which you expect at this price point.

There are three dial colors to choose from: black; orange; and yellow and it comes with a rubber strap or a matching titanium bracelet.

HYT: Really difficult to answer because of the number of comments! For example, in just 3 days, last January when we posted the video introducing HYT, we had… 380,000 views on YouTube ! in just 3 days… We have seen how strong can be the impact with a real innovative product. Mixing liquids with mechanics has really stoked the attention worldwide.

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Graham Chronofighter Prodive Watches Hands-On

Since its resurrection in the 90s, A. Lange & Söhne has made a reputation for itself by producing some of the most pretty and exquisitely-finished watches. The level and standard of finishing on its watches, dial and movement alike, is easily amongst the world’s best. And earlier this month, we featured a review of their exceptionally well-crafted Saxonia Annual Calendar in platinum. Well worth checking out if you appreciate fine craftsmanship.

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This watch is still a concept, but it is a working one that could probably go into production soon (just don't expect it to come cheap). The unique thing about the MikroPendulumS is that it does away with hairsprings and instead uses magnetic pendulums to drive the watch's twin tourbillons. The movement is stunning to behold and it looks like an invisible force is powering the tourbillons.

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The first thing you'll notice of course is that these watches take on a black and white with yellow trim theme. That is except for the Airspeed which adds a few more colors (though yellow is dominant). Bell & Ross provides images of the actual instrument so that you can see how the concept went from cockpit to wristwatch design. As always, Bell & Ross did a good job of "watchifying" them, but with various levels of legibility. I find that those pieces that are the most legible are the ones I enjoy the most. So in this case, I would be most partial to the Airspeed and Climb as the Heading Indicator is about as easy to read as the radar. Though, if you like the idea of a yellow fighter jet outline on your watch then this is the timepiece for you.


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To help along in the readability area (be it in the water or just regular darkness), you've got raised indices on the black dial that are also filled with lume (in some of the product shots these look flat - take a closer look at the solo shot of the quartz model). This brings us to the last similarity, being the large cutout for the date display. Ostensibly, this is to enable you to read the date when the hand(s) are at or near the 3 o'clock position - but it's definitely a design detail that's a bit polarizing.

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Relatively thin, the wide case sits impressively flat on the dial. At 44.6mm wide, the Time Pyramid isn't a small watch, but it certainly isn't too large to wear with formal attire. The expansive view through the double sapphire crystal displays further helps to reduce visual mass and space. This makes the overall wrist presence feel minimalized. Perhaps a small detail, it is actually important how the 6 o'clock placement of the crown gives the case a truly symmetrical feel as there is no crown jutting out of the side.

“You arrive with a simple design and people say ‘what else?’. You’re very alone working on something simple, and people always want more. They want too much these days.”

To top this off, I haven't even revealed what the best part of Meistersinger is: the prices.

The different finishes and colour options all offer something a little different, though my personal preference is still the 'plain' white gold version. Denis Giguet may have left the brand but a recent takeover means there may still be light in the horizon, and whatever the outcome I do feel these pieces may one day become very much collectors items. Price is 92,500 Swiss Francs.

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According to Roger Dubuis, the power reserve mechanism is new. It rotates once each five hours or so in combination with a normal hand. It is just that the normal hand has two sides to show the power reserve "twice." It is difficult to explain but the video helps illuminate how it works better. What advantages it haves over "normal" power reserve indicators is a bit lost to me, but I was nevertheless impressed. I mentioned that Roger Dubuis watches are theatrical. The Quatuor is a good example in the already showy Excalibur collection.

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The third major argument to buy from an AD is also complex. Brands and dealers often warn that only by purchasing from them are you guaranteed to receive a genuine watch, or one that is truly new. This is technically true, but the situation runs deeper than that. Let's start with the "real watch" side of the argument. While it has happened before, the chances of you buying a fake watch from a reputable dealer (authorized or not) is incredibly slim. If by reputable dealer you mean a kiosk on the street selling watches for 0, then you might be in for a little surprise when you get home. Otherwise, I wouldn't worry too much about buying fakes in stores at prices that don't seem too good to be true.